Yahoo Buys Flickr, Launches 360
Yi-Tan Weekly Tech Call #

There's lots of activity in the social networking business, with curiosities like photo-sharing site Flickr turning into attractive acquisition plays.

  • Is this an acquisition wave? Where is it headed?
  • Who might be next?
  • Is innovation now naturally outsourced, then bought in?
  • What is "tagging" and why does it matter?
  • How are Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft charting this path?
  • How does social software end up making money?

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Notes after the call

As Om Malik recently put it, Yahoo may be getting its Mojo back. Its recent acquisition of the social photo-sharing site Flickr and its launch of the integrated social-networking service 360 mark several welcome departures from the company's historic trajectory.

360 integrates many of Yahoo's functions in a way I've been waiting for since 1999; Flickr's bottom-up tagging "folksonomy" offers a sharp contrast to its top-down directory. It's not an antidote, but rather a complement.

The Flickr acquisition is part of a larger wave of small-company innovation that these days is more likely to lead to acquisition than to an IPO.

Picasa, Blogger, Keynote, Furl... All useful services bought in the last couple years, with similar acquisitions likely to follow. All good news for passionate entrepreneurs looking for ways to give their inventions greater scale. Now if only the acquirers can figure out how to make money with them....

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