Rebuilding Detroit
Yi-Tan Weekly Tech Call #

Few cities are as iconic of America's industrial and civic fall as Detroit.

Dewayne Hendricks grew up in Detroit and left. Recently he returned, to see where and how he might help revive his city.

If we can sort out what's wrong in Detroit, he figures, we may sort out larger issues, too. To start, as part of the upcoming Maker Faire Detroit, Dewayne is bringing James Burke's Connections notions to the vast collections of The Henry Ford Museum.

With Dewayne, let's discuss:

  • What kinds of initiatives have traction now in Detroit? What models and words work?
  • How do local citizens address rebuilding?
  • Where is Detroit headed? Will it be a city farm, a cluster of inburbs or something else?
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Call summary: 
Non-live conversation about Rebuilding Detroit (distinct from the live IRC chat during the call, archived above):



An exciting topic. I am sitting in a hotel in Cleveland at a conference put on by One Community ... There are some Detroit folk here and this week I am moving to Ann Arbor so I am eager to see what evolves and how I may be of service.

  --Michael Maranda (Not signed in).....Mon Jun 27 20:46:00 -0700 2011

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