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Yi-Tan Weekly Tech Call #

The study of decision making has been accelerated (and complicated) by the advent of the fMRI machine.

At Temple's Fox School of Business, Angelika Dimoka and Paul Pavlou have been on this quest. At the Center for Neural Decision Making, Angelika has been studying the effects of information overload on decisions, building on Paul's expertise in combinatorial auctions (see this article).

This line of research has profound implications for marketing, design and beyond.

With Angelika and Paul, let's discuss:

  • What is the frontier of fMRI technology applied to decisions? What do we know?
  • How might we cope with info-paralysis?
  • Where will we see these technologies applied next? Best?

As always, an IRC chat will be available during the call at #yitan. (Not familiar with IRC? Just join us here.)

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Call summary: 
Non-live conversation about Our Quirky Neurons (distinct from the live IRC chat during the call, archived above):



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