CES 2010
Yi-Tan Weekly Tech Call #

For geeks and investors, 2010 is off to a quick start with the gear shown last week at CES.

From tablets (or rumored tablets) and e-readers (some bendable) to 3D theater, in-car systems and smartphones, there was plenty showing up. At the same time, Google announced its Nexus One phone, possibly the grooviest Android phone on offer now.

None of which killed off curiosity about Apple's impending tablet announcement.

Together, let's discuss: 

  • What were the big attention getters this year? what trends jumped out?
  • Will you buy a tablet? which one and why (or why not)?
  • Are the various sectors converging (apps in your Ford) or not (3D TV)?


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Call summary: 
Non-live conversation about CES 2010 (distinct from the live IRC chat during the call, archived above):

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